Rent an e-Chopper or Electric Scooter

Rent an e-chopper or electric scooter in the Weerribben Wieden National Park? Of course you can do that with Badassrentals! There is nothing more fun than taking a nice trip with the electric Harley through National Park the Weerribben-Wieden, the Kop van Overijssel or the Koloniën van Weldadigheid.

You can start from Giethoorn, Blokzijl and Steenwijk. From each starting location you drive directly into nature and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the E-Choppers, we also have Fat-Bikes and Electric bikes for rent. Our two-wheelers can be rented from our cooperating partners. For example, you can start to Hollands Venice in Giethoorn and the Prins Mauritshuis in Blokzijl. We have many two-wheelers in stock and these can be used for a bachelor party, team outing or girlfriend outing.

If you want to do something else besides the E-Choppers, Electric bikes and Fat-Bikes, please contact us and we will make it a badass outing for you!

Our scooters go 25 km/h so this does not make it mandatory to wear a helmet. That’s how you keep your hair badass!

een badass elektrische scooter huren in steenwijk of giethoorn
echopper huren in giethoorn gemaal scheerwolde


hollands venetie giethoorn elektrische scooter huren
E-Chopper verhuur in blokzijl



What a party was this. Drove more than 2 hours through the beautiful nature around Giethoorn, Blokzijl and St Jansklooster. Very durable. Brand new E-choppers. Mobile can be charged during your ride. Super safe and easy. Good service. I’d say so!


Lovely such a day out

We received an very good explanation plus a route we could follow. On the way we made a stop somewhere to have a drink. All in all a wonderful day like this.

Fred en Baukje

Fun experience

Giethoorn is such a beautiful environment. And super fun to explore this region with an e-chopper. The e-choppers were delivered on time and the explanation was good. Then we went out and answered the questions we were presented with in the game. Thank you very much!


The latest news


We use the best materials and periodically check and maintain all elektric bikes.

  • With our scooters you drive through the most beautiful spots of the Kop van Overijssel, National Park the Weerribben- Wieden and Southwest Drenthe.

  • Bad luck on the way? We will get there immediately so that you can move on quickly.

  • Of course we take that badass photo with you and the E-Chopper and Fat-Bikes.

  • We are able to organize a unique and great party moment for you.


  • There is no helmet requirement with the two-wheelers. Nevertheless, it is wise to wear a helmet.

  • Driver’s license is required for the E-Chopper. You must be in possession of a valid car, scooter / moped or motorcycle license and you must show it when you are with us.

  • For the Fat-Bikes you do not have to have a driver’s license, but you do have to be at least 1 meter 50 high.